Yoast meets Magento

Yoast meets Magento

We know Yoast already as a WordPress SEO plugin. But now Yoast has announced they will also develop a SEO plugin for Magento 2.

Whenever you want your webshop to score in Google or any other searchengine, you need to take care of a lot of details. For Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) you need to apply a lot of tricks ( mostly technical ) to your pages to be found and get a high ranking. Especially in Google.

Yoast, a well-known Dutch SEO plugin for Wordpress, that became almost a standard plugin when you run a WordPress site, now announced that they will launch a Magento2 version of the plugin, in co-operation with MaxServ. When the 2 will launch the plugin is uncertain at the moment, nor if the plugin will be free or paid.

But we do already know that realtime content analysing is one of the main feature of the plugin. Other features are still "under review", both parties say.

Next to the Magento2 plugin, the developers will also launch a Typo3 SEO plugin.

Just a little hint : if you want to keep a close look at the development of the plugin, check out GitHub!