We support a lot more CMS!

Get your own Web Specialist

After completion of a website by Joombiz, we can provide ongoing support and further development for new functionalities. A good website is constantly evolving. Because we know all the specifics of the site it is possible to make adjustments quickly and professionally. Of course you can do most of the adjustments yourself if the website is built in an Open Source CMS. For websites with their own web teams we serve as a fallback, and provide technical support.

Support on an existing website

Do you require professional support for an existing website? Either built in WordPress, Prestashop, or any Open Source CMS? Joombiz will gladly help you. We will first have a look at how the website works and what the possible improvements are.

Punch Card

We offer web support with a punch card system. This lets Joombiz help you quickly and effectively, at a reduced hourly rate. The maximum response time is one business day and if we believe the task would take us more then 2 hours, we'll provide you with an estimate first. A punch card is valid for up to twelve months. We work in blocks of 15 minutes and you can keep track of them online. Once the punch card is fully used, we will send a final report of the work performed.