Don't worry about your Maintenance.

Joomla! is always changing

Joomla! is continually developed, with regular updates to the core and the extensions you use. To keep a Joomla website secure, fast and reliable it is very important to ensure it is properly maintained. Most websites that are hacked are those that are not regularly maintained.

Joomla! maintenance

With a Joomla! maintenance contract Joombiz takes care of the maintenance and site monitoring and you are assured of a secure and stable Joomla! website. The Joomla! maintenance subscription is also available for websites that are not developed by us.

The Joomla! maintenance contract includes

Initial Optimisation : Before the regular maintenance we start scanning first on any existing security website. If necessary we solve this in consultation on an hourly basis on. We optimize protection against hackers.

Joomla! updates : Within a series of Joomla, for example Joomla! 2.x or 3.x, we provide the updates of Joomla when a new version is released. Joomla upgrades (eg Joomla !2.x to 3.x) excluded here because there is slightly more to it.

Extension updates : Allextensions that use the Joomla extension update system will be updated to the latest version. Extensions without updating system falling under the customized maintenance contract.

Cleanup and optimization : Unused and temporary files are deleted. The database is cleaned and the database tables are optimized. This ensures  site remains clean and performing optimally.

Monitoring : Our monitoring tools to keep the web site 24-hour notice, so we know first if a website is not functioning or pages load slowly. If necessary, we take action to solve problems.

Security : We check the site to safety and detect hacking attempts on. Where necessary we improve on the basis of the analysis of the safety of the website.

Backups : Having a website backup always has a pleasant feel. We ensure that recent backups of both the website and the database are available. This is securely stored on a separate server.


Maintenance Subscriptions

Interested in a maintenance contract?

Please contact us for ordering a Joomla! maintenance contract or discussing the options for a customized maintenance contract.